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Citycom S 300i

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  • Style
    The Citycom300i EVO modern lines was born from an European Design House. Crafted and balanced with ground breaking technology, sexy design, practicality and economy. And with its new EVO sporty style upgrades, there’s no question that it’s also one stunning heck of a ride.

    The Citycom has twin halogen headlights, one low and one for the high beam, offering better visibility and safety.

    Ceramic Coating Cylinder
    Ceramic Coating Cylinder is a high-tech product, which applies special compound-electroplating process to disperse SiC ceramic particles uniformly distributing on the cylinder wall. SYM is the first company in Taiwan to make mass production of motorcycle engine by utilizing SiC ceramic coating technique.

    The Ceramic Sic material can overcome the weakness of general ceramic materials, and in the meantime it possesses excellent properties of high hardness (wear resistance), heat resistance and etc., which can be the best candidate matching the requirements of the engine cylinder. However, general conventional electroplating techniques cannot disperse SiC ceramic particles on the cylinder wall due to the insulation and high weight. As a result, SYM have developed the special compound-electroplating process to disperse Ni particles and SiC particles on the cylinder wall together, which forms a particular cylinder with the compound-electroplating layer (Ni/SiC), and brings the quality to excellence.

    Currently the quality control of mass production has already achieved to maintain the defective rate below 0.3%, so the ceramic coating cylinder with high quality and appropriate price can therefore be produced.

    High-efficiency 4 Valve Engine
    The 4 valve engine mechanism not only increase air intake but also considerably improve engine efficiency over the uneven fuel concentration problem inherent in 2 valve engine combustion chambers to allow more complete combustion and better fuel economy, as well as to effectively reduce noise and exhaust pollution.

    Electric Fuel Injection System
    EFI System is the technique as the same level as the current automobile engine. It controls air inflow / fuel injection ratio, fuel injection volume and injection timing through the computer programs and sends the mixed air and fuel most appropriately into the engine through the nozzle spout, as well as to control the ignition angle to achieve the best performance and pollution management. Also because EFI system utilizes computer programs to control air inflow/ fuel injection ratio and fuel injection volume, it significantly enhances the horsepower and moreover to help improving pollution and fuel-saving in comparison with conventional carburettor motorcycles.

    System Advantage:
    SYMs perfect intelligence EFI Intelligent Injection System utilizes computer programs to calculate the oxygen content ratio in the air and control the fuel emission to achieve complete combustion, full power, rapid start-up, fuel efficiency, low pollution and acceleration enhancement. Particularly in respect of environmental protection, this system can help reduce pollution up to 30% and decrease fuel consumption by 15% without any catalyzer device.

    SYM's EFI System possesses warm compaction of induction, crank rotational speed, oxygen sensor cohering with the Environmental Protection Regulations, and engine temperature sensor. Collecting comprehensive conditions of the car and roads, it can proceed with precise calculation, and determine a perfect fuel injection volume, air-fuel ratio and ignition timing in order to achieve more powerful energy and less pollution emission, as well as to develop the best performance of engine.

    Acceleration is more motorcycle like than what’s expected from a scooter. Right off the bottom the CVT clutch engages and the power is fed to the rear with authority. Twist it on further, and the Citycom just keeps giving all the way up to 80 mph.

    Upgraded large dual sport tuned 220mm front andrear disc brakes are impressive and canliterally stop you on a dime.

    Big wheels mean big handling. 16” wheels justcruise over most of the nasty stuff withouttransmitting the worst of it through the rider sothe HD 200 Evo invariably goes where you wantit to go.

    Ergonomics are among the best with the low center of gravity and excellent balance. Reach to the controls are perfect and the DOT approved windshield has just the right height. With the comfortable upright position, the Citycom feels just custom made.

    Under seat storage is spacious with plenty of room for a full face helmet with a lot of room around it to stuff other things. There’s also a Front glove box great to store sunglasses, garage openers and other small items. A power outlet is also built-in in the front glove box to powered your smart phone and other electronic devices.

    Instrument Gadget
    The Citycom has a nice dash with a mix of analog and digital displays including a speedometer, odometer, tachometer, turn signals, digital clock, fuel and temperature indicator

    Fuel Economy
    With an estimated fuel economy of 64 MPG and fuel capacity of 2.6 gallons, the Citycom has extremely low fuel consumption and is environmentally conscious. What better way to help save our environment while saving your wallet.

    Made in Taiwan and backed by America’s best warranty, SYM offers a 24 months limited parts and labor warranty assurance. The warranty does more than give you peace of mind; it’s a commitment from SYM to maintain a high degree of quality, dependability & reliability.


  • Engine

    278 4-Stroke Liquid-Cooled Engine, Fuel Injection System with 4 Valve Ceramic-Coated Cylinder


    27.9 HP


    Automatic (CVT)


    F: telescopic fork R: unit swing

    Tire Size

    16 Inch


    Front Disc, Rear Disc

    Weight Capacity

    2.64 Gallons

    Top Speed

    83 mph*


    64 mpg plus*




    *Depending on road conditions, riders weight and altitude.

    **MSRP does not include dealer destination or preparation charges


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