Do you need a motorcycle license for a scooter in Idaho?
In Idaho, if your motorized bike falls into the category of a moped and not a motorcycle, then you do not need a motorcycle license – just a valid driver's license. In order for a motorbike to be considered a moped, it must: Have peddles to assist with propulsion.
How do I get a motorcycle license for a scooter in Idaho?
In order to qualify to take the written test and road skills motorcycle exam in Idaho, an individual must be an Idaho resident and have a valid Idaho driver's license.
Any person under age 21 will be required to take a knowledge test and successfully complete an approved motorcycle rider training course (STAR Training). It is a good idea to take a course even if you are 21 or older.
If the individual is under the age of 21, then they must complete the STAR training course listed above.  


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