Meet Our Family

Kathy Navin - Owner
Kathy is our fearless leader. She'll make you feel like you've known her for years and converse with you like you're family. With a take no prisoners attitude and have the style and grace while doing just that. She's fickel, she rides EVERYTHING, but her heart belongs to STELLA  









Ralph Mugot - Sales Manager
Ralph began working for Scooters of Boise in 2017. He started as the manager of Kicks Pro Scooters, but slowly fell in love with the smell of gasoline and 2-stroke oil. Ever since then Ralph became knowledgeable in scooters, and motorcycles. He ALSO rides a Genuine Stella, so if you see him in the streets wave at him! If you have any questions about anything in the shop, he probably has an answer for you.  













Cassey Stone - Marketer, Website Analyst, Social Media
Cassey started with us in 2019 and is our marketing guru. From running our Social Media to helping make Scooters of Boise shine throughout the Treasure Valley, it is her job to let everyone know how cool we are. She enjoys anything outdoors, but primarily loves riding and racing her dirtbike. Since she has always had the love for two wheels, she fit right into our scooter family.








This Is Who We Are
Scooters of Boise is Boise's premier motor scooter store, locally owned and operated since 2004 - and Boise's only authorized Genuine Scooter Company, SYM  Alliance Powersports and Lance Powersports dealerships.  Featuring modern and vintage styles, you'll find the scooters, helmets, riding apparel and accessories you want for the fun you're looking for! 
Stop by our unique showroom and let us share our passion with you!   Our staff will introduce you to the world of scootering!
How much fun can YOU  have on a GALLON of gas?


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