March 02, 2020

Just recently Idaho changed the law stating that 50cc scooters are not required to have a motorcycle endorsement, meaning anyone that has a drivers license can legally ride a 50cc or less scooter. I know this law has been around for ages in different parts of the US, but here in Boise it's a fairly new and exciting change.

With our ever growing City of Trees everyone can take advantage of riding something small and fuel efficient. A smaller foot print will make it feel less of a cluster among bigger SUVs and vans in an already packed Downtown. Parking will be a breeze compared to a even the smallest of cars. This will give people out there a chance to enjoy the outdoors on two wheels. They get to experience what they've been so sheltered from. I could name 100s and 100s of cliches and redundant phrases to say how awesome it is to ride a scooter or motorcycle, but to be truthful they're all subjective and all within the preference of the rider. So do you.

I always recommend newer riders to read the Idaho Star booklet and educate themselves of the laws of the road and how to ride defensively. Always wear protective gear and remember knowledge is power when it comes to new experiences. Welcome to your new addiction! 




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