February 17, 2020

This is a quick check I do before I get set on my first adventure of the season. 


This Shouldn't Shock You: Your Battery!

Batteries are kinda funny. They're located in different places on different models. It's like playing a mini game of Where's Waldo.

I recommend over the winter plugging in your battery to a battery tender, its job is to keep your battery active during the inactive times of winter. This will allow you to just sit on your scooter and go when you want to.


Watching Carbs: Your Carburetor! 

This is the heart of your scooter, keep it clean and it'll keep movin'  

Gasoline tends to thicken up if it hasn't been ran through the line often and cause the very small holes of your jets to clog up. When winterizing your scooter, it is important to put a splash of Stabil.  This is an additive to Gasoline that helps the carburetor run smooth when you wake your scooter up from its sleep.


Keep It Rubber Side Down: Your Tires!

I always replace my tires after riding about 5k miles

 A lot of people overlook the value of tires. Well, it's easy to forget. I recommend checking your tires for pressure (which is located on the side wall of your tire), the side wall itself to see if there's any cracks or bulges, and the tread, is there enough for you to grip the road and not slip!


Don't Be A Dipstick: Your Oil! 

4 stroke engines usually have something that looks similar to this.

We recommend oil changes every 1000 miles, but doesn't hurt to change it the beginning of spring at all! Oil lubricates all the moving pieces inside of your engine. Changing this will make sure that your engine runs smooth and flawless.


LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!: Your Electronics!

X marks the spot

This one is a simpler one. Checking your lights, and indicators should always happen before you even take off. Just do a quick check before it's too late!


This is just a simple quick check before hitting the road this spring. 
Or just drop it off at Scooters of Boise and let us do your spring tune! This can save you time and headache.

Miles of Smiles!

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