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Scooters of Boise
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Wolf Classic

The SymWolf Classic 150 shows off its aggressiveness and power on any road. The front disc offers exceptional cooling, braking and safety. The headlight is equipped with H4 Halogen lamp for extra brightness and wider sight. Ergonomic designed seat is comfortable for both single and double riders.
The overhead cam 4 stroke air cooled engine guarantees great performance with maximum respect for the environment.
The front disk (240mm) is assisted by an effective rear drum brake (130mm). Used together the brakes stop the motorcycle fast, with an extremely short braking distance and excellent control of any kind of road surface.
Coventional specifications don’t really represent how exceptionally well this bike is to ride. The chassis is light weight and handling is crisp and precise. With a seat height of 29.9", average male and female riders are able to have both feet planted for a more secure ride
Instrument Gadget
The retro classic dash includes pods for the speedometer and a tachometer with a manual choke and 2 position ignition switch.
Fuel Economy
With EPA estimated 85 mpg, The SymSymWolf are environmental conscience with extremelylow fuel consumption.
Made in Taiwan and backed by America’s best warranty, SYM offers a 24 months limited parts and labor warranty assurance. The warranty does more than give you peace of mind; it’s a commitment from SYM to maintain a high degreeof quality, dependability & reliability.
Wolf Classic
Engine  ..... 149.4  4-stroke, Air-Cooled
Horsepower ..... 14.79 HP
Transmission  ..... 5 Speed, Cirulated 
Suspension  .....  F: telescopic fork R: unit swing
Tire Size  ..... F: 18 Inch, R: 17 Inch
Braking  ..... Front Disc, Rear Drum
Fuel Capacity ..... 3.3 Gallons
Weight Capacity ...... 360lbs
Top Speed  ..... 65 mph*
MPG  ..... 85 mpg plus*
*Depending on road conditions, riders weight and altitude.
Warranty  ..... 2-Year